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Charities FAQ

How can my not-for-profit organisation receive funding from ShareGift Australia?
  • The most effective way for your charity to benefit from our funding is to promote ShareGift Australia to your donors as an alternate method of giving (ie. donating shares). 
  • Where the value of the share sale exceeds AUD$100, the shareholder may nominate your organisation as their preferred charity.

Are we eligible to receive ShareGift Australia funding?
  • Your organisation must be endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Tax Concession Charity (TCC) with Income Tax Exemption status
  • Your organisation must have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Item 1 status or is a government linked entity with DGR Item 1 status with an aligned purpose under 2013 Charities Act (such as a public hospital, public library, state art gallery or state art institution)

How does ShareGift Australia choose which charities receive donations?
  • A charity will only be considered for funding if it is recommended by a donor (whose share sale proceeds exceed AUD$100) or a participating listed company.
  • We do not accept applications for funding, nor maintain a list of 'preferred' charity recipients - we are charity and cause neutral.

How and when does ShareGift Australia distribute funding to charities?
My charity is not yet promoting ShareGift Australia - how do I get started?
  • If your charity meets our eligibility criteria and you would like to promote ShareGift Australia's platform to your donors and supporters, we recommend the following: 
    • Include a link to our website: www.sharegiftaustralia.org.au on your website, digital communications and printed donor collateral
    • Subscribe to receive quaterly ShareGift Australia updates, which you can promote to your donors, including our annual end of financial year campaign for shareholders and advisors

Can donors send their share sale donation form to your organisation?
  • No, due to our Privacy Policy, the completed forms must be sent directly to ShareGift Australia.

How can our charity be featured on your website?
  • Once you receive funding from us, we will automatically include your charity on our Charities supported page and in our Annual Report. This will help raise awareness of your organisation with shareholders looking for a charitable cause to support

Does ShareGift Australia provide donor details to charities?
  • No. Due to privacy requirements, we will never disclose donor details to any charity, unless they have expressly requested the release of their details. For further details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.
  • In some circumstances, donors may notify you directly if they have nominated your charity for shares donated to ShareGift Australia.