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ShareGift Australia provides a shared value platform, designed specifically for shareholders and Australian listed companies, that is independent and transparent.

By working with ShareGift Australia, your company demonstrates positive corporate social responsibility (CSR) and can support the charitable interests of your shareholders and/ or your existing community partners. 

Our services cover share register management and corporate actions, including:

  • residual cash balances
  • dividend giving option
  • Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRPs)
  • small shareholdings
  • fractional entitlements  

Read about the NAB Clydesdale transaction which raised $100,000 for charity.

Benefits to your shareholders

  • Creates immediate shared value for your shareholders
  • Offers a simple, no fuss, no fee service to your shareholders
  • Materially improves your shareholders’ charitable giving experience (capacity and capability), including the ability for structured, annual giving
  • Provides an independent and transparent giving platform

Benefits to the community

  • Increased funds distributed to Australian charities
  • A sustainable annual flow of funds to the community
  • More beneficiary charities
  • Stronger ties between the community and your company

Benefits for your company

  • Provides an independent and transparent giving platform
  • Improves your management of smaller shareholdings by enabling clients to quickly and efficiently sell parcels of shares and donate them to charity - benefiting the community while also rationalising their portfolios
  • Provides a cost-effective alternative solution to managing DRP residual balances
  • Funding and distribution aggregation: Using ShareGift’s services, residual cash balances may be aggregated efficiently, and distributed to any number of eligible not-for-profit organisations, including all required due diligence governing the distribution of charitable funds
  • Provides industry leadership
  • Contributes to your company's ESG reporting 
  • Can be aligned with your company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy and community partnerships

Through ShareGift Australia, your company can engage directly with your shareholders, while also generating a charitable outcome for the Australian community.

NAB transaction raises $100,000 for charity

NAB shareholders raised $100,000 for charity through ShareGift Australia as part of the demerger and IPO of Clydesdale Bank (CYBG) in February 2016. 

The collaboration between NAB and ShareGift Australia enabled prospective holders of small parcels of CYBG shares to donate their allocated securities to charity. This was the first time philanthropic giving whad been structured directly into a sale facility as part of a corporate action of this type in Australia. 

Monies raised were directed to Community Hubs Australia, to fund its National Community Hubs Program, which is also supported by the Scanlon Foundation and the Department of Social Services. Community Hubs work with migrant and refugee women and children, offering services and support such as skills training, English language classes, breakfast clubs as well as volunteering opportunities and community events. This funding was used specifically to deliver English language tuition to mothers with preschool children across hub locations nationally as part of the existing Mother and Child program.

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