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Instructions to complete share sale donation form


To donate shares, please ensure your holding meets the following conditions: 

  • Shares are: 
  • If you wish to donate shares held in CHESS with another participant, you will need to convert your holding. Please see CHESS Conversion FAQ.  

  • Shares must be held in actively trading ASX listed securities. 

  • We do not accept shareholdings:  
    • if total value under AUD$2 
    • held in delisted or suspended companies 
    • held in Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF).
  • You do not pay brokerage for the sale of your shares but may be liable for any capital gains tax arising from the sale depending on individual circumstances. If you are unsure, please seek advice from a licensed financial adviser and/or tax adviser who is a registered agent. ShareGift Australia does not provide financial advice.  

  • Additional documentation requirements:  
    • Deceased Estates: please ensure all Executors have signed the form, and include a certified copy of the Will and Death certificate, or alternatively, Probate. 
    • Holdings over AU$10,000: please include certified identification documents.

Field name

Instructions per field

ASX Code ASX Company Security Code (typically 3-5 digits). You may search ASX listings here.

ASX Company Name

Name of the listed company being sold (eg. XYZ Limited).

Quantity of shares to donate

The number of shares you wish to sell and donate to ShareGift Australia.

Security Reference Number (SRN

If the holding is Issuer Sponsored, your holding statement will have a Security Reference Number (SRN), which is generally found in the top right-hand corner, starts with an "I"  and has 10-12 digits. 

A SRN is mandatory to sell the shares.

If your holding starts with an 'X' or lists a 'Holder Identification Number' (HIN),  your shares are 'CHESS Sponsored' and require conversion. To convert your shares,
please see 
CHESS Conversion FAQ.

If you are unsure of your holding type, please contact our Shareholder Services team.

Account Name

The registered shareholder name as per your holding statement. 

If a company, list the company name here. If a joint holding, list all registered joint names. 

Account Designation
(if applicable)

Please note: ShareGift Australia does not accept donations from self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs).

Registered Address

The full details of your address as registered with the relevant share registry. The address details are required for us to verify the holding.

NOTE: If you have moved address since purchasing your shareholding, you may need to contact the relevant share registry to ensure your address details are current - this guarantees that we can validate your holding, which is required in order to sell the shares.

Telephone (business hours)

 A telephone number that we can contact you on regarding your share sale donation, if necessary.

Email Address

 An email address is required should we need to contact you about your share sale donation, and to sendyour tax receipt.

Charity nomination (optional) 

If the value of your donation exceeds A$200 you may recommend a charity or leave that part to us. 

Un-nominated proceeds are pooled and applied variously across increasing funding to charities, supporting our operations and investment for future community benefit.

All proceeds donated to ShareGift Australia are used for charitable purposes.


Shareholder 1

Signature of the first individual shareholder or if it is a company then the Sole Director or Sole Company Secretary or Executor (for a Deceased Estate).

  • Ensure the signature matches the one used at the time of purchasing your shares.
  • For Deceased Estates, please ensure all Executors have signed the form.

Print Name (shareholder 1)

Clearly print the full name below the signature

Email address (shareholder 1)

Email address for shareholder 1.

Providing multiple email addresses allows us to send tax receipts to all relevant parties

Shareholder 2

Signature of the second shareholder if a joint holding or if it is a company, then signature of the second Director or Company Secretary or Executor (for a Deceased Estate)

Ensure the signature matches the one used at the time of purchasing your shares.

Print Name (shareholder 2)

Clearly print the full name below the signature

Email address (shareholder 2)

Email address for shareholder 2

Providing multiple email addresses allows us to send tax receipts to all relevant parties.

Shareholder 3

Signature of the third shareholder (if applicable).

Ensure the signature matches the one used at the time of purchasing your shares.

Print Name (shareholder 3)

Please clearly print the full name below the signature.

Certified documentation
  • For Deceased Estates, please attach a certified copy of:
    • the Will and Death certificate, or; 
    • Probate. 
  • For holdings over AU$10,000, please include certified identification documents (eg. a copy of your passport).