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Share Sale Donation form instructions

Download our interactive share sale donation form. Type directly into each field on the form. Alternatively, you may wish to print the form and complete it by hand. 

Sign your completed form and return to ShareGift Australia by 5.00pm Wednesday 28 June 2017 to receive your 2017 tax receipt (*Conditions apply. See below):

Email: info@sharegiftaustralia.org.au

Post:  ShareGift Australia
GPO Box 4370
Melbourne VIC 3001

Instructions for completing the form

Field Name


Shareholder name(s)

The name of the shareholder as per the registered holding.
If a company, list the company name here.
If a joint holding, list all registered joint names.
If there is an account designation, please include this detail. 

  • shares must be held in actively trading ASX listed securities
  • we do not accept shareholdings valued under AUD$2 or those
    held in delisted or suspended companies
  • we are unable to accept shares held in Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

Registered address

The full details of the address as shown on the Share Register. 
This address is used for validation purposes.

Telephone number
(business hours)

A telephone number is required if we need to contact you about the
share sale donation.

Email address

The email address is required if we need to contact you about the
share sale donation and to send your tax receipt.

ASX Company Code

If known, the code which the security trades under on the ASX.

Name of Company

Name of the listed company being sold e.g. XYZ Limited.

Number of shares to be donated

The number of shares you wish to donate to ShareGift Australia.

Security Reference Number (SRN)

If the holding is Issuer Sponsored, you will have an SRN (starting with an ‘I’).

A Security Reference Number (SRN) is mandatory to sell the shares.

If the holding is Broker Sponsored, you will have a HIN (starting with an ‘X’. See below).

Holder Identification Number (HIN)*

If the holding is Broker Sponsored, you will have a HIN (starting with an ‘X’).

A Holder Identification Number (HIN) is mandatory to sell the shares.

* Shares held with a broker other than one of our Supporting Brokers 
will need to be 'converted' to an Issuer Sponsored holding before the
share sale can be undertaken:

  • In this situation, on receipt of your form we will contact your broker to make the
  • Once the broker 'releases' the shares, you will receive a new Issuer
    Sponsored holding statement and should contact us with the Security Reference
    Number (SRN) provided on the statement.
  • We will then arrange for your shares to be sold.
  • Sponsoring Broker

    If the holding is Broker Sponsored (ie. you have a HIN – see above) you
    must provide the full name of your Broker.

    Recommended charity (optional) 

    If the value of your donation exceeds A$50.00 you may recommend a charity
    or tick the box to support ShareGift Australia's operations. 

    Alternatively, you may leave this field blank.

    All proceeds donated to ShareGift Australia are used for charitable purposes.

    Shareholder 1

    Signature of the first individual shareholder or if it is a company then the
    Sole Director or Sole Company Secretary.

    Date signed 1

    Date form signed by first shareholder.

    Shareholder 2

    Signature of the second shareholder if a joint holding or if it is a company
    then signature of the second Director or Company Secretary.

    Date signed 2

    Date form signed by second shareholder.

    Shareholder 3

    Signature of the third shareholder if a joint holding (if applicable).

    Date signed 3

    Date form signed by third shareholder.