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Funding Policy

ShareGift Australia uses share sale proceeds received to make donations to Australian charities on an annual basis, as determined by the Board and guided by the recommendations we receive from donors and our supporting companies.

Donors are encouraged to recommend a charity to benefit from our donations if the value of their donation exceeds $50. Charities must hold Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Item 1 to be eligible.  

Please note that we do not accept applications for funding from charities, nor maintain a list of 'preferred' charity recipients - we are charity and cause neutral. The only way a charity can benefit from ShareGift Australia's donations is to be recommended.

How do we decide what amounts to donate to recommended charities?

Donations are rounded up, taking into the account the sale value of the shares donated and the number of recommendations received for each eligible charity. 

To find out which charities have received a donation from us, please visit the Charities We Support page

ShareGift Australia is a public ancillary fund with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Item 2 status which allows for the deductibility of donations. This means we are governed by legal requirements which prevent us from passing on the exact proceeds of each share sale directly to a donor's recommended charity.

What happens to the donated funds if no charity is recommended?

If the value of the donation is less than $50 or more than $50 and a donor does not recommend a charity, the funds are pooled with others who have recommended a charity to increase the amount paid to each charity.

Donors also have the option of supporting the service ShareGift Australia provides by ticking the box on the donation form. This means the total value of their share sale proceeds will be used to support ShareGift Australia's operations.

We are passionate about our unique service and to help us continue our work, we retain up to the first $10.00 of each gift of shares. As ShareGift Australia is a registered charity, this amount is included in the tax deduction giving donors the confidence that 100% of their donation is going to the charitable community.