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ShareGift Australia works with the corporate sector to add value and thereby increase shareholder giving in Australia.

We facilitate the conversion and consolidation of proceeds from a variety of share-related activities, which save companies cost, relieve administration burden and provide community benefit.

By working with ShareGift Australia, an ASX company demonstrates positive corporate social responsibility (CSR) and can support the charitable interests of shareholders and community partners. Collaboration with ShareGift Australia has the potential to become an industry standard for ASX leading companies

Our partnered services cover share register management and corporate actions, including:

  • dividend reinvestment plan residuals
  • other residual cash balances
  • share sale facilities (including unmarketable parcels)
  • share issues
  • fractional entitlements
  • employee share schemes
  • dividend giving
  • investor awareness campaigns

To deliver our share sale facility capacity, we partner with leading stockbrokers and share registries to facilitate share related activity without charge or brokerage fees so Australian shareholders can deduct the full market value of their shares.

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ShareGift Australia Corporate Services

ShareGift Australia Dividend Reinvestment Plan Giving

CASE STUDY: NAB transaction raises $100,000 for charity

NAB shareholders raised $100,000 for charity through ShareGift Australia as part of the demerger and IPO of Clydesdale Bank (CYBG) in February 2016.

The collaboration between NAB and ShareGift Australia enabled prospective holders of small parcels of CYBG shares to donate their allocated securities to charity. This was the first time philanthropic giving had been structured directly into a sale facility as part of a corporate action of this type in Australia.

Monies raised were directed to Community Hubs Australia, to fund its National Community Hubs Program, which works with migrant and refugee women and children, offering services and support such as skills training, English language classes, breakfast clubs as well as volunteering opportunities and community events. This funding was used specifically to deliver English language tuition to mothers with preschool children across hub locations nationally as part of the existing Mother and Child program.

ASX Company benefits

  • A ShareGift Australia partnership delivers an independent and transparent not-for-profit collaboration to facilitate the responsible use of shareholders’ proceeds
  • Provides reputational benefits via one-off or ongoing charitable contributions
  • Positively contributes to your ESG reporting requirements
  • Demonstrates corporate leadership in supporting the charitable sector and participating in a broader corporate initiative
  • Strengthens a company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy and your community partnerships, for example, a company may nominate charity partner/s or specific cause areas for donations
  • Reduces costs to the company, including transaction costs
  • Relieves administration burden, including share registry maintenance
  • ShareGift Australia undertakes all due diligence on receiving charities
  • ShareGift Australia manages all compliance and reporting requirements to Australian Taxation Office (ATO), Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC)
  • ShareGift Australia can provide advisory services to assist with maximising your CSR strategy impact.

Shareholder benefits

  • Donations $2 and over are 100% tax deductible at full market value
  • No brokerage costs
  • One-off or repeat service, for example, one-off investment portfolio or an annual structure for giving
  • Easy administrative clean-up service, that delivers a tax deduction e.g. nominal cash balance in a dividend reinvestment plan
  • Simple disposal mechanism for any foreign shareholders, where cost of currency conversion provides little net gain or is administratively burdensome
  • Shareholders can allocate dividends as an alternate means of giving, in an administratively light manner
  • Provides an alternate asset class for giving e.g. the ability to allocate dividends
  • Ability to realise any tax loss on share investment
  • Easy way to give to charities
  • Efficient means to donate small amounts that aggregate to meaningful impact.

Charity and community benefits

  • Delivers no-cost funding to the charitable sector
  • Communities in need across Australia are strengthened.

Through ShareGift Australia, your company can engage directly with your shareholders, while also generating a charitable outcome for the Australian community.

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Our thanks to all of our corporate partners, participating ASX companies and endorsing peak bodies for their support.

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