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Share proceeds are an often overlooked source of revenue for charities and yet Australia has one of the highest levels of share ownership in the world. Imagine unleashing a fraction of the ASX’s current market capitalisation of $2.5 trillion for your charity.

Leveraging ShareGift Australia for your charity’s benefit is key.

Where do you start?

1. Check your organisation’s eligibility to receive funding

See Your charity’s checklist

2. Explain how to donate shares to your supporters

Make it easy for your supporters to understand how and why to:

  • donate shares, and
  • nominate your organisation as the recipient charity.

Explain in simple and clear terms the steps involved (eg. link to How it works).

Here is some sample text you may wish to use:

For example:
Did you know you can donate shares instead of cash?

ShareGift Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that provides shareholders with the opportunity to sell their shares and donate the proceeds to charity.

Donating through ShareGift Australia means you don’t have to engage a stockbroker, there are no brokerage fees and if the proceeds of your share sale exceed $500, you can even nominate [insert charity name] to benefit from ShareGift Australia’s funding.

All you have to do is complete and sign the share sale donation form available here [link to ShareGift Australia’s website] and remember to nominate [insert charity name].

Donate shares now [insert hyperlink to ShareGift Australia’s website].

3. Make it easy to donate share proceeds

  • Include the option to donate shares in all communication material (eg. your website, particularly the donation page, digital media and donor collateral)
  • Link to the share sale donation form and instructions on our website (please note: we periodically make adjustments to the form in response to regulatory and other conditions. Therefore, we recommend you always direct supporters to the form on our website to ensure you have the latest version available).
  • Include donating share proceeds in your seasonal fundraising campaigns
    eg. Christmas campaign, end of financial year (EOFY) campaign – shareholders often clean up their share portfolios at that time of year.

Remember your supporters may not have thought of donating shares to charities before.

4. Share stories

Write editorial content about the impact your supporters has had on your organisation through using ShareGift Australia’s services.

5. Enlist your corporate partners and board of directors

You may already have an ASX-listed company supporting your organisation. Ask them to promote ShareGift Australia’s services to their shareholders and feature their partnership with your charity.

You may also have a corporate partner or director who works in professional services (eg. lawyers, accountants, wealth manager, financial planners). Introduce them to ShareGift Australia’s services and ask them to promote their involvement with your charity.

One of your board directors may also work with an ASX company. Introduce them to ShareGift Australia’s services and the value we add for ASX companies.

6. Subscribe to ShareGift Australia

Subscribe to receive our updates, which you can then promote to your donors (particularly our annual end of financial year campaign targeted at shareholders and advisors).

7. Announce when you receive funds from ShareGift Australia

Notify all your stakeholders. Post it on social media.

We will automatically include your organisation on our website and in our Annual Report once you have received funding from us.

Your website URL is added to our website once you have promoted us to your supporters.

All of these activities assist in raising awareness of your organisation with other shareholders looking to support a charitable cause.

Guidelines for using ShareGift Australia’s brand

Your not-for-profit organisation may use ShareGift Australia’s name and logo provided that:

  • your charity meets our funding eligibility criteria
  • you are promoting the donation of shares via ShareGift Australia to your supporters, and
  • you use the ShareGift Australia brand as prescribed below:

    • ensure there is sufficient clear space so it is not cluttered and is always set part
    • do not distort the logo
    • ensure that the logo height is never less than 10mm high
    • only use ShareGift Australia’s logo to promote the donation of shares with a link to our website

    • ensure “ShareGift Australia” always appears in full (ie. no abbreviations)
    • please note that “ShareGift” contains a capital “G”
    • you do not use ShareGift Australia’s name or logo as an endorsement
      Share Sale Donation Form

    • link to the share sale donation form on our website (please note: we periodically make adjustments to the form in response to regulatory and other conditions. Therefore, we recommend you always direct supporters to our website to ensure you have the latest version available)

If you are unsure about the way in which you are promoting ShareGift Australia, please contact us.

Still have questions?

See our Charity FAQ