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  • All dividend donations over AU$2.00 are fully tax-deductible.
  • For gifts over $500, you may nominate a particular charity or you can leave that part for us to determine.
  • Looking to donate both your shareholding and its related dividend proceeds? Complete and submit both a share sale donation form and a dividend giving notification form.

How do I donate my dividends?

STEP 1: Complete our dividend giving notification form

You or your client completes a Dividend Giving Notification Form, which notifies ShareGift Australia of your intention to donate dividends, and authorises us access to the information required to verify and receipt your dividend gift.

You may recommend an Australian charity where the dividend gift exceeds AUD$500, or you can leave that part to us.

STEP 2: You activate ShareGift Australia to receive your dividend gift

Once we have verified the nominated shareholding details, we will provide you with the relevant share registry and payment details to activate your dividend gift.

You then login to your share registry portal, select the shareholding dividends you wish to donate and change the payment instruction as supplied by ShareGift Australia.

STEP 3: Tax receipt on confirmation of your dividend gift

A tax receipt, including the details of the dividend gift, is issued to the registered shareholder on completion of the transaction.

STEP 4: Notification of charities funded

ShareGift Australia annually reviews funds for distribution to the community after 30 June.

We contact all contributing shareholders and ASX companies each year on the release of our Annual Report, which includes a complete list of charities funded.

For more information on how this process works, please refer to our Distribution Policy.