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Distribution Policy

How often do you distribute funds?

ShareGift Australia distributes share proceeds to Australian charities on an annual basis. 

However, following an operational restructure we are currently transitioning to a new charitable distribution cycle whereby our board will determine our annual giving after, rather than before, the end of the financial year. As part of this process, we are staggering funding rounds to ensure continuity on existing commitments. ShareGift will return to a single annual funding round after FY20. 

For a list of charities funded current year to date, please see Our Impact.

How do you select recipient charities and the level of funding?

All share proceeds donated to ShareGift Australia are aggregated at year end, after which our board of directors assesses the selection of eligible charities, taking into consideration charitable recommendations received from participating shareholders and ASX listed companies. The funds are used in support of charities via unencumbered capacity funding, and to partially support our operations or to invest for future community benefit (or a combination of all three).

Our distributions consider the sale value of donated shares and the number of recommendations received for each eligible charity. 

Additionally, the following conditions apply:

  • We do not accept applications for funding from charities, nor maintain a list of 'preferred' charity recipients - we are charity and cause neutral. We encourage our donors and participating companies to nominate a charity for funding. Please see our Charities funded for a complete list of charities funded to date.

  • Charities must hold Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Item 1 and have TCC status to be eligible. 

  • Shareholders may nominate a recipient charity if the value of your share sale donation exceeds AUD$200, or you can leave that part to us. Where a shareholder does not nominate a charity or the value of the share sale is less than AUD$200, the funds are pooled and allocated as outlined above.

  • The ATO's Public Ancillary Funds Guidelines prohibit us passing on the exact proceeds of each share sale directly to a recommended charity. One of the many benefits of ShareGift Australia as a donor-advised fund is that we consolidate donated share proceeds, which generally enables us to create a multiplier effect for charities in terms of dollars received.
We are passionate about our unique service. All donations help us continue our work to provide real financial benefit for hundreds of Australian charities every year.

ShareGift itself is a registered charity. 100% of donated share proceeds are used for charitable purposes to ensure ShareGift Australia is freely available to Australian shareholders, listed companies and charities.