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Services for your clients

ShareGift Australia provides private advisors and their clients with a unique opportunity to generate shared value for the Australian community, whether through a one-off tax event or on an annual basis.

As an advisor, you may wish to present ShareGift Australia to your client/s to meet any of the following needs:

  • part of annual share portfolio review and maintenance
  • to realise a tax loss on a share investment
  • to divest small holdings that are effectively idle assets (free of brokerage costs and tax deductible for the full market value)
  • an introduction to annual, strategic philanthropic giving
  • engagement for Next Gen
  • a simple way to support multiple charities (i.e. receive a single tax receipt; ShareGift Australia undertakes all charity due diligence)
  • a simple vehicle to leave a charitable gift/s in a Will
  • a means of winding up Deceased Estates

Benefits for your clients

  • creates immediate shared value
  • offers a simple no fuss, no fee service
  • materially improves charitable giving experience (capacity and capability), including ability for structured annual giving
  • provides an independent and transparent giving platform
  • No need to establish another foundation structure; no delay in giving

Your clients impact

  • help build a communal, perpetual philanthropic fund from under-utilised pools of capital that are otherwise, largely inaccessible
  • increase ongoing funding available for charities
  • establish the donation of shares and other related proceeds by everyday shareholders and by ASX200 as common practice in Australia
  • help ShareGift Australia achieve sustainability without ongoing reliance on philanthropic gifts

Please refer to more information on How it works or Shareholder FAQs. Our services are made possible through pro bono partnerships with Our supporting brokers.

Please note ShareGift Australia does not provide financial advice.