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Step 1: Request a CHESS Conversion

This needs to be done directly with your sponsoring participant (eg. your existing broker).

  • The name and contact details of your sponsoring participant can be found on your CHESS Holding Statement (see CHESS Conversion FAQ for an example).
  • Your sponsoring participant is obliged to convert the registration of a CHESS holding to an Issuer Sponsored holding on receipt of a properly completed request (which is most likely to be a free service).
  • To issue a CHESS Conversion instruction, please contact your sponsoring participant to obtain the correct form. If they do not have their own CHESS Conversion form, you may use our generic CHESS Conversion request form and send it to your adviser/broker via email or post.

Note: If you have moved address since purchasing your shares, please advise your sponsoring participant prior to making the conversion request so that they can inform the relevant share registry of your updated registered details – this guarantees you will receive the new Issuer Sponsored ​Holding Statement (see below). By converting your holding from CHESS, your standing instructions should stay intact which should means you don’t receive a weighty new shareholder kit.

Step 2: Your new Issuer Sponsored Holding Statement

After your shares are converted from CHESS, you will be sent via post:

  • an Issuer Sponsored Holding Statement from the relevant share registry to your registered address (approx. 7-10 business days after conversion). You will need the information from this holding statement to proceed to Step 3: Donate your shares. Note: You may also receive a new shareholder welcome pack, notwithstanding you are a continuing shareholder.
  • a CHESS Holding Statement that show a zero balance with a notation – “Movement of Securities from CHESS to Issuer Subregister.”Note: This statement does not indicate that the shares have been sold, but rather that the registration has been converted from a CHESS holding to an Issuer Sponsored holding. You now need to proceed to Step 3: Donate your shares.

Illustration 2: Sample Issuer Sponsored Holding Statement

Step 3: Donate your shares

Complete our share sale donation form and submit via:
Email:, or
Post: ShareGift Australia, 12 Holtermann Street, Crows Nest NSW 2065

Note: Instructions available here to complete the form. Please also refer to your new Issuer Sponsored ​Holding Statement (see Illustration 2: Sample Issuer Sponsored Holding Statement below).

We will now complete the following steps. There is no further action required from you.

Step 4: Confirmation of your share sale donation

We will issue a confirmation tax receipt on completion of your share sale donation to your nominated email (or postal address where no email address is supplied). In the following calendar month you will be sent a holding statement by the share registry, by post. This statement will set out the date ShareGift’s participating stockbroker arranged the settlement of your donation.

Step 5: Notification of charities funded

We will publish the annual list of recipient charities via our Annual Report and website (November). You will receive digital notification of our Annual Report, providing you have not unsubscribed from our mailing list.