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ShareGift Australia has today announced a $1.3 million gift to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. This is ShareGift’s first ever funding to a single charity over $1 million and marks a pivotal moment for the organisation.

Anna Draffin, ShareGift’s Executive Director, says ‘We are pleased to support Australian conservation with this significant gift given the recent devastation caused by the bushfires, hence, the ShareGift board’s decision to bring forward the timing from its usual annual funding round.’

This donation was made possible by ShareGift’s aggregation of a sizeable donation of shareholdings with other smaller share parcels received from multiple shareholders. Ms Draffin commented ‘This donation demonstrates the power of publicly listed companies and everyday shareholders utilising ShareGift’s unique services to maximise returns for the Australian community.’

Tim Allard, CEO of Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC), expressed his gratitude, ‘Australia’s biodiversity is under immense pressure but generous donations like this provide new hope. This gift will help us to secure the future of endangered species, like the Gouldian Finch, Purple-crowned Fairy-wren and Northern Quoll, by enabling us to address the key threats to their survival – like feral animals, weeds and wildfire – on a landscape scale. We have a fantastic team of dedicated and skilled field ecologists and land managers, but we cannot fulfil our mission without the commitment and support of our wonderful donors and volunteers.’

‘The recent catastrophic bushfires which saw the destruction of more than a billion native animals, highlighted the important role that organisations like AWC have in protecting Australia’s biodiversity. This generous gift comes at a critical moment for Australia’s wildlife. It will make a big impact and could spell the difference between survival and extinction for a whole suite of iconic Australian species.’
ShareGift’s share sale donation service allows any Australian retail shareholder to donate a parcel of shares, large or small. Collectively, ShareGift has contributed over $3 million to Australian communities since its inception.

As the only service of its kind in Australia, ShareGift, who merged with Good2Give in December 2019, is introducing new ways of encouraging and facilitating shareholder giving. Their combined capability enables shareholders to consolidate giving across their share portfolio and for charities to receive funds more efficiently.

Growing shareholder giving is part of ShareGift’s commitment to building a more giving society. It offers wealth advisors and their clients an agile and cost-effective approach to investment portfolio maintenance in the lead up to the end of financial year – an approach that provides genuine benefit for charities during these challenging times.

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About Good2Give

Good2Give is a not-for-profit that facilitates charitable giving between corporates, donors and charities. Our focus is on building a more giving society by inspiring and enabling businesses and people to support communities they care about. Good2Give’s market-leading technology platforms allow for the efficient and secure processing of around a million transactions annually. Since 2001, Good2Give has facilitated $225 million to more than 8,000 Australian and international communities.

About ShareGift Australia

ShareGift Australia is a 100% subsidiary of Good2Give. ShareGift Australia’s purpose is to make it easy and cost effective for shareholders to grow philanthropy in Australia through the donation of shares and related proceeds to charity.